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File Download Manager

You sell digital downloadable products.

We manage downloadable files.

Let Paypal take care of your money while we take care of your files.

We securely store your files in the cloud and email a downloadable link to your customers once Paypal notifies us that you have received your money for the purchase. You can set an expiry time for the download link.

There’s nothing to install, except your Paypal button so you can use our service wherever you can place a Paypal button.

Simply upload your file and supply us with the product name, id and expiry time and then get your Paypal button for the item. Now, whenever a purchase is made, Paypal notifies us once the transaction is successful and we email the download link to your customer. Simple.

We’re busy putting the finishing touches to our service which will be released soon so come back often to check out for its release. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

See you later.

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