Make money with’s affiliate program

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Make money as an affiliate now has an affiliate program where you can earn good money!

Register as an affiliate, for free, then get your discount code and share it wherever you can. Any user signing up using your code gets a 25% discount and you get the full sign-up fee!

File download manager is a fantastic, easy to use and secure way of selling digital products. Simply create an account at File download manager, upload your files which are safely encrypted while stored, then get the PayPal Buy Now button code and place it wherever you sell your products. It’s as easy as that.

PayPal takes care of your money, and File download manager takes care of your files.

Once your customer completes the purchase, PayPal notifies File download manager that you have your money. They then email a download link to your customer which they use to download the file. You can set an expiry time for the link after which the link is no longer valid.