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AWS Amplify Authentication and Android: a practical course on using AWS Amplify authentication in your Android apps

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Use Amplify in your Android apps to manage your users

This course covers the AWS Amplify authentication category and shows you how to use it in your Android apps.

This course is meant for anyone wishing to leverage the power of AWS Amplify in their Android apps. I’ll show you how to install Amplify authentication as well as how to:

  • Authenticate users using Cognito user pools
  • Get temporary credentials for both authenticated and guest users using Cognito Identity pools
  • Customize your own authentication and authorization process
  • Use the Web Ui to authenticate and authorize your users
  • Federate users using 3rd party Identity providers such as Google and Facebook
  • Use Multi-factor authentication for secure signing in
  • Set up remembering devices to simplify your users login process

When you have completed this course, you will have a solid foundation in working with Amplify authentication in your Android apps and will be able to confidently and quickly enable user authentication and authorization in your Android apps.

Check out the course at Udemy,